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Effective July 20, 2020, the Circuit Court docket is opening to criminal bench trials

The Chesapeake Circuit Court now has the ability to add a fourth courtroom and therefore, will open the docket to criminal bench trials beginning July 20, 2020. Because we are still in an emergency period through October 11th, all matters set through that date have been automatically continued to November docket call. To advance any matter continued to November docket call, you must submit a hearing request form, certifying all witnesses have confirmed they can appear, to get the matter added to the docket on the date requested. Incarcerated defendants will be allowed to appear in person for trials but if you are able to agree to witnesses appearing via video, we strongly encourage that. The disclaimer is that trial times will not be assigned until after the hearing request form cut off date occurs (based on hearing date requested), to ensure that all "priority" case types (i.e. bond appeals, protective orders) are docketed first. Thus, your trial request could be bumped if there is not enough room to accommodate it. You will be advised ASAP if that occurs (at least two days in advance). Please let Tammie White know if you have any questions at

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