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Our Mission

The purpose of the Association shall be to instill in the members of the legal profession a high standard of honor and integrity to the client, the courts, and to the community; to promote positive reform in the law and in the judicial procedure; to participate in the affairs of the City of Chesapeake, Commonwealth of Virginia to ensure the orderly and fair administration of justice; and to encourage social networking among the members of the Bar.

Executive Board

Left to Right: Stephen DeBoer, Katherine Currin, Hatel Challa, Amanda Newins,  Matthew Wooten


Hetal Challa


Hetal Challa owns a solo practice, Challa Law PC, and practices family law in several jurisdictions in the Commonwealth. She weaves together her experience in


Andy Patzig


Andy Patzig, an Air Force brat, grew up primarily in Harrisonburg, Virginia before obtaining degrees from Radford. He later went out to obtaining his law degree from ASL.


Amanda Newins

Vice President

Amanda is an Attorney at Pender & Coward, P.C., focusing her practice on criminal and civil litigation. Amanda previously served for several years as a prosecutor in Chesapeake.


David Talmage

Executive Member

David is an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Chesapeake. where he prosecutes primarily adult felony cases. David has specialized training in drug offenses


Matthew Wooten


Matthew Wooten, a Chesapeake native, graduated from Greenbrier Christian Academy before going on to obtain a degree in International Business


Past Presidents

2021 -Katherine D. Currin
2020 - Stephen DeBoer 

2019 - Kristen M. Shannon
2018 - Shelly F. Wood
2017 - Melissa J. Howell
2016 -Erin L. Evans-Bedois
2015 - Wilfredo Bonilla, Jr.
2014 - Andrew D. Kubovcik
2013 - Corrynn J. Peters
2012 - Kimberly H. Phillips
2011 - David J. Whitted
2010 - Lori B. Galbraith
2009 - Brian K. Miller
2008 - Christopher H. Faulk

2007 - James E. Short

2006 - C. Eric Plumlee

2005 - Katherine D. Tarter

2004 - Susan V. Rowling

2003 - Erik P. Gordon 

2002 - Heather Buyrn Crook

2001 - Robert G. MacDonald

2000 - Steven K. Whitaker

1999 -  James "Jay" A. Leftwich, Jr.

1998 - Eric W. Harris

1997 - Laura M. Everhart 

1996 - Kevin L. Hubbard

1995 - Herbert W. Laine 


1994 - John W. Jelich, III

1993 - Stephen J. Telfeyan

1992 - John E. Zydron

1991 - Timothy S. Wright

1990 - John E. Oliver

1989 - Steven F. Shames 

1988 - John E. Oliver 

1980 - John W. Brown