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Our Mission

The purpose of the Association shall be to instill in the members of the legal profession a high standard of honor and integrity to the client, the courts, and to the community; to promote positive reform in the law and in the judicial procedure; to participate in the affairs of the City of Chesapeake, Commonwealth of Virginia to ensure the orderly and fair administration of justice; and to encourage social networking among the members of the Bar.

Executive Board

Left to Right: Stephen DeBoer, Katherine Currin, Hatel Challa, Amanda Newins,  Matthew Wooten


Amanda L. Newins


Amanda is an Attorney at Shannon & Associates, P.C., focusing her practice on criminal and civil litigation. Amanda previously served for several years as a prosecutor in Chesapeake.


W. Thomas Chappell


W. Thomas Chappell is a civil litigation and appellate attorney at Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black PLC in Norfolk.


Matthew Wooten

Vice President

Matthew Wooten, a Chesapeake native, graduated from Greenbrier Christian Academy before going on to obtain a degree in International Business


Meredith Jacobi


Past Presidents

Past Presidents

2021 -Katherine D. Currin
2020 - Stephen DeBoer 

2019 - Kristen M. Shannon
2018 - Shelly F. Wood
2017 - Melissa J. Howell
2016 -Erin L. Evans-Bedois
2015 - Wilfredo Bonilla, Jr.
2014 - Andrew D. Kubovcik
2013 - Corrynn J. Peters
2012 - Kimberly H. Phillips
2011 - David J. Whitted
2010 - Lori B. Galbraith
2009 - Brian K. Miller
2008 - Christopher H. Faulk

2007 - James E. Short

2006 - C. Eric Plumlee

2005 - Katherine D. Tarter

2004 - Susan V. Rowling

2003 - Erik P. Gordon 

2002 - Heather Buyrn Crook

2001 - Robert G. MacDonald

2000 - Steven K. Whitaker

1999 -  James "Jay" A. Leftwich, Jr.

1998 - Eric W. Harris

1997 - Laura M. Everhart 

1996 - Kevin L. Hubbard

1995 - Herbert W. Laine 


1994 - John W. Jelich, III

1993 - Stephen J. Telfeyan

1992 - John E. Zydron

1991 - Timothy S. Wright

1990 - John E. Oliver

1989 - Steven F. Shames 

1988 - John E. Oliver 

1980 - John W. Brown


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